GAME FACE Mask Applicator. فرشة تطبيق الماسك

3.500 KD


Apply your favourite MOKA face masks with ease using MOKA’s Game Face silicone brush. This angled brush perfectly fits the contours of your face, ensuring an even, mess-free application


  • Made of Silicone, super soft against your skin, mess free, and much more hygienic than a regular brush.

  • Small soft bristlesto gently massage the mask into your skin, stimulating the blood flow. Also, could be used to as a gentle exfoliator whilst  removing it the mask.

  • The Angledbrush made to fit the contour of your face whilst applying your mask evenly and smoothly. Also, it helps you used just the right amount of mask instead of waisting a tone.

Apply a small amount of your favourite MOKA face mask to the silicone brush. Paint mask evenly onto your face, starting from the centre of your face and working outwards. Rinse the tool clean with soap and warm water.

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