BEST FACE FORWARD - CLAY MASK. ماسك الفحم النباتي

6 KD

A Detox face mask

MOKA’s Charcoal Clay Mask is your face’s new best friend. Activated charcoal gently draws impurities – like bacteria, toxins, dirt and oil – to the skin’s surface. When you rinse off the mask, the impurities come with it. What’s left is baby-soft skin, less visible pores and a complexion you’ll be proud of. Handmade in Australia from natural ingredients, MOKA clay masks are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Do your face (and the planet) a favour. Perfect for use on your body too!

  • Detoxifies & Purifies the skin
  • Draws out Bacteria, Toxins, and Dirt
  • Acne and Blackhead fighting Ingredients
  • Unclogs and Shrinks Skin Pores.
  • Improves skin tone
  • Oxygenates the Cells.
  • stimulates cell regeneration


Activated charcoal : This amazing ingredient provides deep pore cleaning due to its major adsorbing properties. With all of the benefits of activated charcoal: antibacterial, antifungal, deep pore-cleansing, oil-balancing,impurity-fighting, and exfoliating, your skin gets the overall effect a more smooth and refined appearance. 

 Bentonite Clay : An effective detoxifying clay mask that is suitable for most skin types. It deeply cleanses skin, draws out excess oil and impurities, and effectively absorbs and removes toxins in your skin, leaving it healthy, refreshed, and radiant. 

Frankincense : It is an astringent, that helps to tighten and tone loose, sagging or lax tissues. Also, it is believed to help protect and heal skin cells and is used to reduce acne, prevent wrinkles and slow signs of aging.

 Myrrh : The antioxidant potential of this resin is so high, and its antibacterial powers can help slow bacteria growth and fight microbes that can cause infections

 Natural Vitamin E : Helps support the immune system, cell function, and overall skin health. It's an antioxidant, making it effective at combating the effects of free radicals produced by the metabolism of food and toxins in the environment.

Simply mix a spoonful of powder with a few drops of liquid to create creamy texture. Then glide effortlessly over your face, neck and body as desired. Spend anywhere from 15-30 minutes relaxing. When mask is dry, rinse off with lukewarm or cool water. Your skin will glow with vibrant good health.

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