SKIN FIT T-BAR VIBRATING TOOL. أداة مساج الوجه بالذبذبات

10 KD

Best for skin type lacking firmness and elasticity

Besides improving the overall health and radiance of your skin similar to MOKA SKINFIT rollers, this T-bar vibrator takes your self-care to the next level with its multitude of benefits:

  • It’ll instantly relax your facial muscles to release tension
  • It’ll help sculpt and contour your face
  • It’ll help your skin look firm, lifted and toned
  • The bar’s vibrations will boost blood flow
  • It’ll minimize fine lines
  • It’ll reduce puffiness

Twist the bottom of the handle until the product vibrates. Apply your favorite serum or oil on your clean face and gently move the T-bar around your face in upwards motion. Continue this motion for five minutes on one side of the face before repeating on the other side. 

This tool is AA battery operated: To add a battery, hold device head up and turn the bottom part of the device to the left until the bottom comes off and add one AA battery inside. 

  • Clean with a damp towel after each use and lay out to dry.
  • Change batteries when needed.
  • Do not use this T-bar if you have metal allergies.
  • If you have Fillers or Botox, avoid spots where you’ve been treated.

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